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As we have said on our About us page, we have more than 10+ years experience in providing Premium E-commerce Themes and we have worked with hundreds of projects along the way, including Joomla, WordPress, Mobile apps (we have links of our apps on our About us page), web apps and more.

During all this time, our skills are crafted by our experience and we have developed our own methods to build our Premium Themes. To keep it short, here are three principles we follow:

1- Keep it minimalistic.

2- Work when you are inspired.

3- Provide outstanding support.

We don’t like to compare our products by price but yes our pricing is honest and transparent and we fully believe that we provide more value that we take in cash from our customers.

Second, our Shopify themes are blazing fast. Our themes are build-in using the most popular framework in the world, Bootstrap. Every element you see is carefully planned and “hand-coded”.

Third, our themes are simple to customize. We make a great deal, to subtract the unnecessary and provide you with only those features that we think your shop must have. We want you to finish your projects fast and with ease. More free time for you to spend with your loved one.

Yes, inside the package you will find everything to make your Shopify website exactly as you saw on our Demo. In this way, you will have far more easier to adjust your shop or better yet, to showcase it to your client.

It depends on your knowledge and experience. Even if you have not built a single website before, you should not have any difficulty in setting up and finishing your store with ease.

In case you have customized Shopify stores before, probably you will finish your store with our theme within hours.

Our Support Forum is the central place when we provide support. We use a forum, because we believe in the power of the community and transparency, plus most of the questions are already answered and you get learn the solution even before you ask for it.

However, you may contact us anytime through our contact us form or even call us in case of an urgency.

PayPal is our preferred payment method. However, in case you are not able to pay with PayPal, we can offer you Western Union and Bank Transfer. Please, contact us before.

Our goal is to build a 100% satisfied community of members. But, if for any reason you are not fully satisfied with our products, ask us any time for a refund.